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Russian tsar Ivan The Terrible is banished to the Internet Tsar Ivan The Terrible is banished to the Internet by Kozma Prutkov. Now tsar of Russia will do not much harm to nobody, even if your site in the Russian catalogue will appear near to terrible king. The catalog of firms
and products.

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World Wide Web Consortium -
International industry consortium founded in 1994 whose purpose is to develop
specifications, guidelines, software, and tools to promote the Internet's...

Google -
Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages.

Macromedia -
Servlet/JSP engines. Also, the HomeSite HTML editor supports color coding for Java Server...

Intel Corporation - Welcome to
Designs, develops, manufactures and markets microcomputer components of desktop and server systems.

Microsoft Corporation -
Official homepage of Microsoft Corporation.

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Catalog for the Internet people, computermen & them pussy In former times the Russian word for "link" lead to Siberia and meant exile. Now it leads to the Internet and implies partnership. But if your Internet-resources are based in Siberia, we shall send you with your link to Siberia, and if it's further away, e.g. in Alaska, we shall send you to Alaska or to the first exhibition-gallery on the Antarctic Continent.
The catalogue of links on art, literature, education, culture, history — into the past and back.

Genres Literature Music Theatre Movie Artists Art Galleries Museums Unions...

Kozma.Ru -
Official site of Russian absurdity in world chaos. Classics aphorism. Library of think. Archive of mind. Exposition of joke. Gallery of beauty... - Живой Журнал -
Простое в обращении, но очень мощное и хорошо настраиваемое средство для публикации ваших текстов в интернете (ведения блогов).

Московский государственный театр ЛЕНКОМ -
Театр Ленинского Комсомола. Историческая справка о театре, репертуар на месяц, сведения об актерах, статьи о театре.

Lib.Ru: Библиотека Максима Мошкова -
Крупнейшая библиотека Рунета Тексты различных книг, учебных материалов.

State Hermitage Museum -
One of the biggest museums in the world. Offers a virtual tour, on-line exhibitions and a digital collection of high resolution art images.

Louvre Museum Official Website
The Louvre collections incorporate works dating from the birth of the great antique civilisations right up to the first half of the ...

Создание сайта на Wordpress. WordPress site -
Создание сайта на Wordpress, разработка сайта на Wordpress. Создание белых и пушистых каталогов на Wordpress на все случаи жизни.

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For now, many pages are in Russian only. To the images this makes no difference. Their visual language has no need for words.

Art Gallery of Galleries in Russian
Art Gallery of Galleries in Russian

Многие страницы написаны только по-русски и пока не переведены на английский.


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