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Gallery's library In our library we have philosophers and authors — first of all the classics of the joyful genre. Dear reader, if you are poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, we shall be delighted to publish your new works heres.

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The hands of Venus Tavrichesky are found
and are restored in gallery of Castiron KozmaThe art advertising agency has attracted great masters of arts and outstanding historical figures. Falconet and Peter the Great, Vasnetsov and Ivan The Terrible, Giorgione and his Venus are mobilized on a cheerful advertising campaign.


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Many pages are written in Russian. For the image it has no value. Visual language is clear to all without translation.

Art Gallery of Galleries in Russian
Art Gallery of Galleries in Russian

Многие страницы написаны только по-русски и пока не переведены на английский.