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of Modern Russian Artists


Zaporozhian Cossacks. Ilya Repin in Russian Museum Art from the European Stone Age to Ancient Classical Art, the Renaissance, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Russian Peredvizhniki Ilya Repin, Vasily Surikov and masters of the Avant-Garde and Postmodernism...


Photo gallery Kozma Prutkov told: «Looking on the world, it is necessary to be surprised!» Looking on the world through the camera, it is possible not
only to be surprised,
but also to embody
the moments for surprise.
The art of photography and photo artists.

Sphinx. Vadim Banilis History of Art-Petersburg

Angel. Natasha Ligostayeva Photo  by Naoya Sugio

Sleeping Venus by Serdy Pisets

more pictures,
more photo...


Michael Shemyakin. Monuments of St.-Petersburg. Gallery
of the modern Russian artists Classics of modern Russian art of the 2nd half of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century in our Gallery.
The arts of painting, sculpture, architecture, graphic arts, printmaking, photography. A gallery of Abstract art, Abstract Expressionism, Metaphysical Painting, Neo-Expressionism, Pop art, Surrealism, Symbolism, Postmodernism, Social Realism, and Nonconformism in Soviet art.


Nudeo by Lev Ovchinnikov- Jesus In desert. Mikhail Rytyayev The Virgin. Anatoly Maslov «Eternal bell» by Alexey Talashchuk in all style’s gallery Beria by Vladimir Vishnevsky Brth of Venus. Boris Kazakov Gallery of modern and abstract painting, sculpture, graphic art by St-Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Paris, New York and Peking artists. Modernism, Avant-gardism, Nonconformism and Postmodernism of 1955 — 2005. Abstract art has puzzled and confused many Russian leaders, it was forbidden in the USSR. Now it is free and accessible in any modern gallery or museum and on TV, but it still is not understod by many people...

Forgotten Church. Andrey Blinov Chair, Pears, Night. Oleg Petrenko Odicey and Sirens. Vladimir Ovchinnikov-v Crist. Konstantin Ivanov Tombstone to A. Shnitke by sculptor Yury Mirakov

Fashion. Zakir Akhmadov Egyptian Head. Aleksey Filippov Sculpture by Vladimir Hofmann Angel of West Window. Sergey Simkin Bird Phoenix. Yuriy Potapov Sculptor Sergey Borisov

Tool for Reincarnation. Pisar Sergy Stack by Monet by Dali by Druppe Fantasy Furniture by Sergey Kostyuk Mosaic by Victor Tatarenko

more painters, more sculptures, more works...

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For now, many pages are in Russian only. To the images this makes no difference. Their visual language has no need for words.

Art show of projects in Russian
Art show of projects in Russian

Многие страницы написаны только по-русски и пока не переведены на английский.


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